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              The mixed Primary School conclusively with the fifth grade was founded in the school year 1955 /56. The principal of the school was Mr Franjo Čordašić. At the beginning of the school year 1956/ 57 all students of the Mixed School were divided in two National Primary Schools with about 860 students. The division, reformation and moving of the mixed Primary School carried out Mr Franjo Čordašić. In 1957 the II.Primary School worked (functioned) in two buildings. The first building was in Kralja Tomislava 14 Street, and the second one was in the building of the former district.
škola 1910. godine(fotografija iz zbirke Valentina Markovcica)
           In August 1958 the Counsel of Education made a decision that the II. Eight-year school, as it was named at that time, gets the official name The Primary School “Ivan Goran Kovačić”. The school had 22 departments and it worked in two buildings in the same shift with the primary School “Vladimir Nazor”. Because of the lack of space, a prefabricated building with 6 classrooms and 4 smaller rooms was made in the year 1959.
           The school worked in one shift together with the school “Vladimir Nazor”. The lessons in the prefabricated building were held in three shifts. The average number of students in one class was 40.
            In the school year 1961/1962 the school also got in its composition the school from Kuševac, as a regional department. At the end of that school year, together with Kuševac, there were 1048 students. In the school year 1969 /1970 the school had 1044 students in Đakovo, 151 student in Široko Polje and 70 students in Kuševac - altogether 34 departments. The lessons were held in three shifts on the following places: the building of the Primary School, in the prefabricated building, on “Jedinstvo”, on “Partizan”, in Široko polje and in Kuševac. During the spring break in the year 1969/70 , by the decision of the Borough Assembly the schools got the buildings of the former High school and commerce school, which have been moved in the newly built building in integration with the School in Economy, and which was actually designated for the primary school “Ivan Goran Kovačić”.
             The higher grades were in the building of former High school, and the lower grades were in the building of the School of Commerce . The work in specialized classrooms i.e. the cabinet lessons was suggested and accepted in 1970. Since the February 1970 the students of the higher grades from Široko Polje travel to Đakovo to school.
škola 1913. godine(fotografija iz zbirke Valentina Markovcica)
     The school finally gets the pedagogue. At the end of 1971 the school “Đakovačka Satnica” was adjoined to the head school in Đakovo. The number of students was raised to 1781 and the number of departments to 52. In the school year 1974/75 the lack of space was solved with out housing of the administrative space. The teacher's room and the office became the rooms for students.
     The number of students was constantly raising and it reached the number of 1831. In the school year 1978/79, English language was introduced as the third foreign language next to German and Russian. The interest for German and Russian became very low.
      In January 1980 the first cracks on the space between floors appeared in the building of the cabinet lessons. After the detailed examination of the building huge damage was determined and the work on the first floor was forbidden. A demand for urgent improvement was made. Self-contribution was voted the means of which were designated for restoration of the school. The needed documentation was made through which the school building would have nine classrooms, six cabinets, pupil's wardrobe, library and central heating. The adaptation began in December 1982.
      At the beginning of September 1980/81 the third primary school began with work. By the reorganization of education in Đakovo and by the decision of the Borough Assembly the school Đakovačka Satnica was adjoined – together with the school Gašinci – to the head school “Maršal Tito”. In 1983/84 the conditions of work were completely changed and modernized by the moving to the renovated building of the cabinet class (specialized lessons). The lessons were held in two objects (buildings) in Đakovo and in two buildings in regional schools in Široko Polje and Kuševac. Despite the renovation of the second building there was still an unsolved problem of the PE classes because there was no adequate space. In 1988 the roof on the first building was adapted. With that adaptation the school got another 300 square meters of space. The IT lessons in school had been progressing rapidly so in collaboration with the Town Administration, the school got from the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia the IT classroom with 16 new PCs, which greatly helped the quality of the IT lessons.    
      Because of the lack of space and the great number of students and by the decision of the Ministry of Education in the year 1996/97 the school had been released of the two regional schools – Kuševac and Široko Polje. Higher classes of those two schools started going to the Primary School “Sjever”, and the lower classes had their lessons in their village schools.
      In the autumn of 1997 the playground behind the II building was paved with asphalt -so the school got handball, volleyball and basketball playground. In collaboration with the Town Administration and the County Office in 1998 the school started the initiative to found the Music school as a part of the Primary School “I.G.Kovačić”. The school got the permission to open the Music school, and it started with work in September 1999. During 1999 and 2000 the attic of the first building had been adapted so the school got another 300 square meters of pupil's and cabinet space. The IT classroom had been moved in that space, which we equipped with new computers.
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